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General information

Prime Fighters Ry Gym is located in Herttoniemi, an Eastern district of Helsinki. The primary disciplines are krav maga, a self- defense and defensive tactics system originating from Israel,  kickboxing, fitness boxing and functional training branded as Prime Action and kettle bell/ Gyria Power training branded as Prime FIT. In addition, a number of experts representing other styles and systems are also giving lectures and holding seminars at the Prime Fighters gym every year. Chief instructor is Mr. Tommi Nyström who is also the chairman of the Finnish Krav Maga Federation.

Prime Fighters is also happy to welcome visitors. Training classes are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. Please, see the Treeniajat-page for further information. The link is also on the main navigation of this page.

Check the training fees on the Hinnasto-page.

Krav maga

This practical and tactical system includes all aspects of preventing, avoiding and overcoming dangerous situations involving threat of violence or direct attacks. The techniques are simple and easy to learn as they are based on actual body reactions.


Developed from various karate and kung fu styles, kickboxing is an effective and modern combat sport. Prime Fighters is a member of the Suomen Potkunyrkkeilyliitto (the Finnish Kickboxing Federation, a member of the WAKO).


Youngest trainers are from 2 years of age! Have quality time with your children and come check this out!

From here it is easy to continue to our Junior training that we have for two age groups: 6-10 years old and 11-14 years old. At the age of 15 our juniors start to train with normal classes.

Fitness Boxing

Our fitness boxing is just like regular boxing but without full sparring exercises! Instructors are seasoned combat sports instructors and thus the training is effective and real!

Functional Training – Prime Action

Functional training is building skills, coordination, powerlifting techniques added with primal movement. Fun and effective! All instructors are qualified Functional training personal trainers and thus the understanding of individual development and abilities is in the foundation of the training. No matter of individual injuries or other restrictions, come and check this out!

Kettle bell training – Prime FIT

One of the most effective power training formula!

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The street address of the Prime Fighters gym is Mekaanikonkatu 15, Helsinki. The location is a few hundred meters towards South from the Siilitie metro station. Please, see also the map on our contact page.